- Turn what you say into text three times faster!


    - Verbal Q software users can easily achieve accuracy rates up to 99%! Verbal Q software actually gets better the more you use it. It's easy to add new terms and create or import custom vocabularies for different specialties or interests.


    - In just about 5 minutes you'll be dictating directly into virtually any Windows© based application, saving time and money.

Verbal Q...

Speech recognition software is a powerful desktop productivity tool that enables professional users to work faster and delivers compelling ROI to any organization. Dictate memos, reports, and other documents, enter data, fill in forms, send e-mails, browse the web, and control desktop... All by voice! Verbal Q can be integrated with nearly any software such as Microsoft© Office, Corel WordPerfect©, and Lotus Notes©. Simply said, Verbal Q software works with virtually all Windows© based applications. Listen to incoming e-mails and documents read aloud. Create your own documents on the spot or send your recorded dictation to be transcribed elsewhere. Use with any PC or handheld digital recorder.
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